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About Us


A family of mutual funds designed for growth, income generation, and diversification.

Our managers seek to deliver consistent results to help shareholders meet their long-term financial goals. We provide value to our clients through high-quality service standards, thought leadership, and product innovation.

Clients We Serve
Institutional Investors
Small Businesses
Financial Advisors
Retirement Plans
Registered Investment Advisors
Our Structure

Our Structure

We are a multi-manager investment company consisting of managers who are:


Our managers implement strategies using highly selective, active, and process-oriented approaches that have stood the test of time.


Each manager is efficiently structured to be nimble when implementing investment decisions, while being supported by the resources of a large financial institution.


The managers have extensive institutional experience in their respective asset classes and in navigating varying financial environments.

Quick Facts

Quick Facts

A globally diversified investment company (formerly Pacific Funds) founded in 2001.
$13.1 billion in assets under management (as of March 31, 2024).
Investment managers with expertise covering fixed-income, multi-asset, and U.S.-equity asset classes.
Retail distribution capabilities with financial institutions, brokerage firms, and independent advisors.
Part of a team of five independent investment teams that collectively operate under a unified platform known as Aristotle.
Our Managers

Meet Our Investment Team

Our investment managers deliver specialized capabilities that span a wide range of asset classes and strategies.

Fixed Income

Aristotle Pacific Capital, LLC is the sub-adviser for Aristotle Funds' Fixed-Income Funds. The portfolio managers specialize in credit investments, applying their depth of experience to identify opportunities and value in multiple areas of the credit markets. They believe in a disciplined investment process that focuses on credit fundamentals for individual security selection. Funds managed by Aristotle Pacific Capital are designed for income and based on experience.

U.S., International & Global Equities

Aristotle Capital Boston, LLC is the sub-adviser for Aristotle Small Cap Equity and Aristotle Small/Mid Cap Equity Funds. Aristotle Capital Boston’s investment philosophy is grounded in the belief that long-term business fundamentals ultimately determine company equity values. The Aristotle Funds managed by Aristotle Capital Boston are designed to maximize long-term capital appreciation while mitigating risk relative to the benchmark over multi-year periods.

Aristotle Atlantic Partners, LLC is the sub-adviser for Aristotle Growth Equity and Aristotle Core Equity Funds. Aristotle Atlantic Partners believes the foundation of successful investing lies in identifying companies poised to benefit from secular themes, product cycles or cyclical trends through fundamental, bottom-up research. The Aristotle Funds managed by Aristotle Capital Boston are designed to achieve consistent risk-adjusted returns that exceed the benchmark over a full market cycle (three to five years).

Aristotle Capital Management, LLC is the sub-adviser for Aristotle International Equity, Aristotle/Saul Global Equity and Aristotle Value Equity Funds. Aristotle Capital Management believes that investing in high-quality businesses trading at discounts to the team’s determination of their intrinsic values provides the framework for preserving and growing its clients’ capital while seeking to mitigate risk. The Aristotle Funds managed by Aristotle Capital Management are designed to maximize long-term capital appreciation and income.


Pacific Life Fund Advisors is the sub-adviser of Aristotle Funds' Multi-Asset Funds. Pacific Life Fund Advisors relies on three core principles to guide its investment decisions: a balanced process, an integrated team, and a diversified approach. Through these principles, it provides one-step diversification solutions for a range of investor needs and objectives.

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