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Fixed Income

Through our focus on corporate-credit securities, we seek to help investors realize the potential of these asset classes to improve portfolio diversification and total return.

Aristotle is committed to serving the unique needs of the RIA and Bank Trust marketplace. We have partnered with leading RIAs and Bank Trusts for more than a decade. Please contact a member of our client service team to see how Aristotle can help your organization.



Designed for Income

Our funds cover a broad spectrum of income opportunities, enabling investors to select solutions that meet their specific needs and risk-reward preferences.

Corporate Focus

Our portfolio management team specializes in fixed-income asset management that is founded on corporate-credit research.


Our boutique structure allows for sharp focus, nimble execution and highly responsive client service.

Investment Process

Focused on
Corporate Income

The fixed-income funds cover a broad spectrum of income opportunities, enabling investors to select solutions to help meet their particular needs and risk-reward preferences.

The funds are carefully constructed using a combination of investment-grade corporate bonds, high-yield corporate bonds, floating-rate loans, and short-term debt securities.

Aristotle Pacific Capital is the sub-advisor for Aristotle Funds' fixed-income funds. The portfolio managers specialize in credit investments, applying their depth of experience to identify opportunities and value in multiple areas of the credit market. They believe in a disciplined investment process that focuses on credit fundamentals for individual security selection.

Aristotle Pacific Capital is one of five independent investment teams that collectively operate under a unified platform known as Aristotle.

Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Aristotle Pacific Capital’s investment philosophy focuses on four principles

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental credit analysis is the cornerstone of the investment process. Credit analysis is performed on each company and a relative-value analysis is performed on each security.

Top-Down Market Assessment

The fundamental analysis is complemented by a top-down assessment. The managers identify potential macro headwinds and tailwinds and articulate these findings through overall portfolio risk and sector weightings.

Team Approach

Close communication between portfolio managers and research analysts is used to promote idea generation. The team draws on each member’s experience to provide a blend of investment insight and perspective.

Capital Preservation

The investment team focuses on companies it believes will meet their debt obligations, thus mitigating downside risk and preserving investor capital. In addition, the fixed-income funds typically hold larger issuers, which improves liquidity in different market environments.

Portfolio Managers

Portfolio Managers

The fixed-income funds’ portfolio management and research group is a cohesive team of professionals who, on average, possess nearly two decades of investment experience.

C. Robert Boyd

25 years of investment experience

JP Leasure

27 years of investment experience

Michael Marzouk, CFA

26 years of investment experience

Ying Qiu, CFA

24 years of investment experience

Brian M. Robertson, CFA

20 years of investment experience

David Weismiller, CFA

26 years of investment experience

About Principal Risks

All investing involves risks including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. There is no guarantee the funds will achieve their investment goals. Corporate bonds are subject to issuer risk in that their value may decline for reasons directly related to the issuer of the security. Not all U.S. government securities are checked or guaranteed by the U.S. government, and different government securities are subject to varying degrees of credit risk.

Mortgage-related and other asset-backed securities are subject to certain rules affecting the housing market or the market for the assets underlying such securities. The funds are subject to liquidity risk (the risk that an investment may be difficult to purchase, value, and sell particularly during adverse market conditions, because there is a limited market for the investment, or there are restrictions on resale) and credit risk (the risk an issuer may be unable or unwilling to meet its financial obligations, risking default). High-yield/high-risk bonds ("junk bonds") and floating-rate loans (usually rated below investment grade) have greater risk of default than higher-rated securities/higher-quality bonds that may have a lower yield. The funds are also subject to foreign-markets risk.


Investors should consider a fund's investment goal, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before investing. The prospectus and/or the applicable summary prospectus contain this and other information about the fund and are available from your financial advisor. The prospectus and/or summary prospectus should be read carefully before investing.

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