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Market & Economic Commentary

June 2024
A Slimming Economy

The popularity of a new class of weight-loss drugs has given the market something to chew on.

June 2024
Down to a Single Cut

With sticky inflation and a strong job market, the Fed has revised expectations for the number of rate cuts this year from three to one.

May 2024
A Sticky Situation

With persistent inflation, is a Fed hike on the table?

May 2024
Hopes Dim for Rate Cuts This Year

Market confidence has dimmed for three Fed rate cuts this year, after strong inflation numbers in the first quarter.

May 2024
Will the Fed Delay Again?

Surprises in inflation and job numbers have investors wondering if the Fed will delay rate cuts for the second time this year.

April 2024
EV's Latest Charge

The popularity of electric vehicles continues to surge, but the sector hasn’t been without short circuits.

April 2024
Aristotle Funds Reduces Fees of Four Funds

As part of an ongoing commitment to deliver value to investors.

March 2024
Still on Hold, But More to Come

A stronger economy and more future rate cuts seemed to meet market expectations for a patient Fed.

March 2024
Generation AI

How can rapidly improving artificial intelligence change the economy forever?

February 2024
Shipping Lanes and Supply Chains

How will the Suez and Panama Canal crises affect the global economy and inflation?

February 2024
Is Fed on the Cutting Edge?

The market expects the central bank to cut rates in early spring; the Fed may have other ideas.

February 2024
The Fed is Not Making the Cut … Yet

Pausing interest-rate hikes for the fourth time, the central bank signaled that with the economy now growing at a ‘solid pace,’ the sustainability of the recent dip in inflation is still in question.

January 2024
Bulls, Bears and Ballots

What's in store in '24?

January 2024
10 Charts to Help You Make Sense of Fixed Income in 2023

How do you better understand a year that’s been unlike any other? We have 10 charts for you.

December 2023
Homes for the Holidays

Facing high mortgage rates, soaring prices, and sagging sales, what should we expect from the housing market?

December 2023
Rate Cuts Begin to ‘Come into View’

After pausing interest-rate hikes for the third time, the Fed signaled three rate cuts are expected in 2024.

November 2023
Why Small Caps Now

The small-cap universe could prove ripe for investors looking for mispriced stocks.

November 2023
The Good, the Bad and the Opportunity

The Fed pauses, labor strikes back, and we believe opportunities abound in fixed income.

November 2023
Hope Fades for a Soft Landing

Stubborn inflation is undermining the Federal Reserve’s ability to orchestrate a soft landing for the U.S. economy.

November 2023
Another Pause, but What About December?

The Federal Reserve once again held interest rates steady but underscored that the rate-hiking cycle may not be over.

October 2023
One More Quarter?

Will the final quarter of 2023 have the final quarter point increase?

September 2023
The Fed Pauses But Expects One More Hike

The Federal Reserve held interest rates steady in September but still expects another raise by year end.

September 2023
Yield Signs

Bond yields have climbed to their highest levels in over a decade. How should investors be adapting?

August 2023
Behind the Trading Desk

An interview with Michael Lonia, head of trading for Aristotle Pacific Capital.

August 2023
Fed Up With Rate Hikes?

Is the latest raise enough to bring the economy in for a soft landing?

July 2023
Another Raise — and Maybe More to Come

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates to a 22-year high—and left the door open for additional hikes.

July 2023
Can the Fed Stick the Landing?

Will the central bank be able to bring down inflation without crashing the economy?

July 2023
Will the Fed Take Another Hike?

After 10 increases, the Fed hit pause in June on raising rates. Now what?

June 2023
What's Next After the Pause?

With the Fed skipping a rate hike for the first time in 15 months, does that mean the economy is heading for a softer landing than many thought?

June 2023
The Fed Finally Hits Pause, Though More Hikes Expected

After 10 consecutive rate hikes, the central bank decided to leave rates unchanged in June; ‘We judged it prudent to hold the target range steady,’ Fed chair says.

May 2023
May the Fed Be With You

Does the central bank have the force to bring down inflation but not the economy?

May 2023
Fed Hikes Rates to 16-Year High, but Hints at Pause

As expected, the Federal Reserve increased their benchmark rate by 0.25% but signaled the possibility of a pause.

April 2023
Pacific Funds are now Aristotle Funds

Aristotle Capital Management announces the reorganization of certain funds of Pacific Funds

April 2023
Banking on the Fed

How does the central bank balance fighting inflation and a banking crisis?

March 2023
Inflation Remains Fed's No. 1 Concern

Despite an ongoing banking crisis, the central bank continued its interest-rate hikes to fight rising prices.

March 2023
From Fossil Fuels to Green Energy

A look at the ongoing power shifts in electric generation.

February 2023
Reaching the Limit

Has our debt and the Fed finally hit their ceiling?

December 2022
The Gaming Sector Has Been on a Roll

After a short COVID shutdown, pent-up demand and cost cuts have benefited the gaming industry.

December 2022
10 Charts to Help Make Sense of Fixed Income in 2022

Looking to get a better handle on this volatile year in corporate credit? We have 10 charts for you.

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